Founded in 1989, Uni-Food Technic has over 35 years of experience in designing and manufacturing innovative, high-quality food processing equipment for the salmon segment. During the first years, Uni-Food Technic operated as a trading company. In 1990, the company expanded its business by establishing internal production facilities. In 1998, the company expanded once again by moving into newly built facilities and increasing the employee workforce. Today, Uni-Food Technic employs approximately 25 employees. In 2024, Jeppe Christensen took over the management of Uni-Food Technic with great ambitions for further development and growth of the company.

The main activity of Uni-Food Technic is designing, developing, and producing technological equipment for the food industry, particularly salmon processing equipment and innovative production lines for salmon. The machinery we produce is intelligent and fully automatic fish machinery that reduces the need for labor costs, enabling end-users to remain competitive in a market where low costs and efficiency are paramount. Ninety percent of Uni-Food Technic’s production is exported worldwide.

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