For the complete hygienic, contained system, complement your clean wall coating with a Puraco product. Perfect for life science applications & surroundings where rigorous hygienic demands are prescribed. The current hygienic regulations demand flat surfaces that are fast and easy to clean. Puraco products are durable and inadmissable for impact and bumping. Ensure the hygienic integrity of your installation with the Puraco wall – and ceiling system. Puraco panels are durable, scratch resistant FRP panels en are used for the clean protection of walls & ceilings. They answer to the highest standards in the pharmaceutical & medical industry, both for new buildings and renovations.

Due to the durable & high standard of workmanship, the Puraco FRP panels are ideal for finishing clean rooms (GMP degree B, C, D), production rooms, laboratories, service corridors, operation rooms, etc. Why choose for Puraco walls & ceilings?
Puraco Panels have a standard width of 1200mm and a length depending on your preference. The Puraco clean polyester panels have a standard thickness of 2mm and are completely smooth. The panels are scratch- and impact resistant and furthermore easy to clean. Puraco represents quality and durability. The Puraco panels are available in different fire resistant categories and the color is hygienic white (RAL9010). Other colors are available on demand. Puraco panels are the ideal solution for a clean & durable finishing for your walls and ceilings, dirty joints and having to repaint are no longer an issue.

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