MFT has been active in the food processing world ever since 1983. Our experience and know-how with regards to fish weighing and sorting systems result in powerful, reliable systems that weigh and sort fish perfectly on shore as well as at sea. The unique features: robustness, high speed precision and custom design are also applied to the poultry and meat systems. Our trawl control systems and other marine electronics are the most important ones in the maritime world.

A team of enthusiastic technicians and designers are responsible for the production of our systems. We also have a network of international agents – in over 30 countries – that are available whenever someone needs advice, a fast delivery, and service after sale.

MARELEC Food Technologies designs and manufactures high technology portioning, weighing, grading and control systems for the fishing and food industry, to optimize the efficiency of the manufacturing process.

 Our systems are delivered worldwide, with great attention to individual customer requirements.

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