Entrematic is a well-known brand in industrial fabric door technology, providing ultra-safe and energy-efficient high-performance doors since 1987. Typical areas are food processing, cold storage and pharmaceutical applications, and different types of industrial environments.

Entrematic products include high-performance and high-speed doors tor indoor and outdoor applications, such as food processing, cleanrooms, machine protection.

Renowned for being innovative and reliable, Dynaco’s high-performance, low-maintenance doors offer a long, trouble free life, cutting down on energy use, and drastically reducing costs. Dynaco high speed doors have a unique soft bottom edge fitted as standard that provides unmatched safety and tight sealing. These smart doors are self-repairing, absorbing truck damage and are immediately operative after impact. That means no unscheduled breaks.

Our high-performance doors increase operational productivity in all environmental conditions. They include the option of all stainless steel components for hygienic integrity.

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